• The Goldilocks Beanbag

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    Children's beanbags for use in their bedroom or in the sitting room where they can sit on the beanbags and watch television with the family, beanbags are easy to store too as you can place one bag on top of each other and then just press them down to take up less space there's a carry handle at the top of the beanbag for carrying them around the house or for hanging the beanbags up on a peg.

    The beanbags have reinforced stitching so they won't burst when the kids jump on them and a fire retardant material for safety, the beanbag comes in two colours flowers with pink, red, blue and green coloured flowers and stripes with yellow, red, black, blue and white strips, beanbags are instant seats that form a comfortable and ergonomic seat around you when you sit down as they are full of thousands of tiny polystyrene beads.