• Solar System Duvet Cover Set

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    A space themed pillowcase and duvet cover which features a rocket on the pillowcase and a star map of the planets of out solar system on the duvet cover, all the plants are listed including the Earth, Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Mars and all the planets have their orbits plotted on the duvet cover plus their relative distances from each other and all the planets are named to make the duvet cover very educational and entertaining as well as a beautiful duvet cover and pillowcase for your little boy.

    The pillowcase and duvet cover are not prints the solar system details are put on the pillowcase and duvet with appliqué work whereby different coloured pieces of fabric have been delicately stitched onto the duvet cover and pillowcase to create the rocket and solar system picture creating a design that's far more beautiful and of much higher quality than a printed design.