• Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf

    Northcote Open Storage Base inc Ledged Shelf Buy Now at Amazon

    This clever shelf and storage box fits onto your wall, with the box locking onto the shelf above, you can unlock the box and take it off the bottom of the shelf, its the perfect way to get the maximum amount of storage out of a small room as your putting the storage boxes on the wall out of the way where they are not in the way of any other furniture.

    The boxes have a wide open front which makes it easy to put toys, games, clothes or shoes in the boxes without having to remove them fro the wall, you can if you want unlock the storage box and carry it into another room, the unit is white in colour with a smart white varnish finish that's easy to wipe clean, the shelf above the storage box is also ideal as a bookshelf or for storing clothes,or toys.