• Height Adjustable Easel - Red

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    A bright red children's painters easel and chalkboard set, children can paint on this easel or use the chalkboard and coloured chalks to write or draw on the chalkboard, the advantage of the chalkboard is that you don;'t need paper to paint on and the chalk does not create a mess like paints can so you can allow the easel in a child's bedroom for chalk drawings or in the kitchen or garden for painting.

    The easel is made from wood and built to last, the height of the easel is adjustable so you can always match the height of your child as they grow and the easel folds away when not in use so you can store it under the stars or in a cupboard out of the way when not in use, there's a paper roll at the top of the easel where children can pull down the paper roll and start painting or use the chalkboard which is under the paper.