• Daisy Chain Rug - Large

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    A large floor rug that's turquoise in colour with daisy flower decoration and ideal for the lounge where all the children can sit on a warm rug whilst they watch TV or read a book and if you have a baby its the perfect large rug to let them crawl about on as its safe, warm and comfortable and much nicer to crawl on than the floor and big enough that all babies toys and mummy and daddy can be on the rug at the same time.

    You can change baby on the rug as well as watch them play on the rug as its soft and warm and much nicer for baby to be on than a cold plastic changing mat and much nicer to the parents to kneel on as they change the nappy too. Use this floor rug in any room in the house where you want to brighten up a grey room and pout some quick colour and warmth into the room.