• Combination Unit 7 Drawer

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    A chest of drawers and shelf unit with seven drawers, the drawers are made from canvas and are available in a large range of colours to suit both a boys and a girls room, the colours available are blue, white, cream, red, pink, brown, yellow, purple and green in both bright and pastel shades as well as a range of patterns from plain, heart shapes, squares, dots and stars so you can mix and match the drawers to customise the look for a boy or a girls bedroom.

    The three large drawers in the middle of the chest of drawers are tall and deep and ideal for storing larger toys or shoes whilst the drawers at the top and bottom of the bookshelf are ideal for storing toys or clothes, the drawers have stylish brown jute handles that make pulling out the drawers easy and because the drawers aren't heavy children can carry them around the house with their toys inside.