• Butterfly Rug - Large

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    A large pink rug with golden brown butterflies on the rug, the rug is tufted for softness and warmth and ideal for your little girls room where you can put the rug by the bed so your little girl can step out of the bed onto a warm rug, the rug makes an excellent play rug where there's plenty of room to sit on the rug surround by all their toys.

    Use the rug on the floor in the hall to add a splash of warmth and fun to the hall with this pink rug its great for children to sit on whilst they are putting their shoes on as its much nicer to kneel on the floor rug than it is to kneel on the floor. Use the rug in the lounge where you can make a child friendly play area where children can be surrounded by their toys without having to scatter their toys all around the house.