• Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains

    Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains Buy Now at Amazon

    100% cotton curtains with a pink and blue stripe on the curtains, the top and bottom of the curtains have black felt and there's tabs at the top of the curtains to make them easy to hang on a curtain pole.

    Suitable for boys or girls bedroom as both pink and blue are used in the curtains these curtains have a thick and heavy blackout lining that prevents all light from entering your child's room when the curtains are drawn so children complaining that they can't sleep because its still light outside will be able to get to sleep and children worried about moving shadows in the room caused by cars passing by will be comforted because with these blackout curtains no shadows will shine through the curtains so your child will feel safe and be able to get a good nights sleep.